Giving Blogging a Try Again

No offense to my friend Yoda, but I do believe in trying. Yoda only had to save the galaxy from the Empire. I have seemingly hundreds of things vying for my time and attention: wife, kids, baseball season, football season, my favorite TV shows, the list goes on. Did I mention I’m highly ADD. So I want to give blogging a try again and hopefully things will work out.

A very few of you may know that Jaded HR started out as a blog I did in 2013-2014-ish and like so many blogs out there I was full of excitement wanting to share my Jaded HR point of view. I made dozens of post early on. I even carried a special notepad that I would jot down ideas as they came to me and I wouldn’t forget.

Everything was going well except for one thing… readers. Just like a podcast, blogs take a while sometimes to develop and get better search engine recognition. I didn’t have a vast network of HR pros to share it with and I was hesitant to put it out to the people I knew at the time so 100% of the readers were organic. I don’t even think I used my real name, or any name, on that blog. After some time the lack of readers and growth in the site became discouraging to me. I was posting less and less frequently until I just stopped altogether. Next thing I didn’t renew the domain and the first iteration of Jaded HR disappeared like 99% of blogs that never take off.

Thinking of the relative success of Jaded HR as a podcast, I’ve been thinking for a while about doing blogs again so I’m going to pull the trigger and give it a shot.

I’m going to set a loose goal for myself to blog once every other week. But that’s not saying I won’t do it more frequently if something catches my fancy.

Blog topics will vary but won’t be a regurgitation of things covered on the podcast. I may elaborate on some things covered, but most topics should be unique to the blog.

I hope you enjoy…

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