Severed Heads, Social Media, and HR

  • Warren and Feathers introduce themselves as HR professionals on the Jaded HR podcast.
  • They mention that they have been busy working on the J2HR website and blog.
  • Warren discusses using AI for podcast production and mentions writing a blog post about it.
  • They encourage listeners to support them through Patreon and leave reviews.
  • They thank their Patreon Hallie, for their support in improving the podcast.

Story 1: Human Heads on Desk

  • Warren shares a bizarre story about Dale Wheatley, a transportation director at the Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois.
  • Dale discovered three severed human heads on his desk after complaining about mishandling of bodies at the association.
  • The bodies donated for scientific purposes were not being properly handled, and some remains were not returned to families as intended.
  • Warren and Feathers express shock and humorously discuss the inappropriate nature of such a gift.
  • They joke about their preferred gifts and advise against sending human heads as presents.

Story 2: Celebrating a Fired Coworker

  • Warren raises the question of whether it’s appropriate to celebrate a coworker’s termination.
  • Feathers mentions throwing a party for himself after getting divorced but acknowledges the need for discretion in public celebrations.
  • They engage in a light-hearted conversation about celebrating the departure of toxic coworkers.
  • Warren contemplates taking action as an HR professional and suggests advising against public celebrations.

Story 3: Should HR Managers be on Social Media?

  • Warren mentions receiving an email from Bamboo HR about the state of human resources leadership in 2023.
  • They discuss the article’s focus on HR managers’ use of LinkedIn and their online presence.
  • The article suggests that having an online presence and gaining a following can help HR managers break into enterprise-level positions.
  • Warren and Feathers share their thoughts on the subject, emphasizing the importance of moderation and not relying solely on social media presence for career advancement.
  • They express their indifference towards the number of followers and the promotional nature of social media platforms.


  • Warren and Feathers wrap up the episode, highlighting the limitations and drawbacks of social media for HR professionals.
  • They express their disillusionment with social media and its commercialization.
  • They end with their signature sign-off, promising to help listeners navigate HR one “what the fuck” moment at a time.

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