Helicopter Parents, Awful Employers and an HR Fish Story

Ever wondered how helicopter parenting has infiltrated the workplace? Today, we dive into a Wall Street Journal article that shines a light on the extreme lengths some parents will go to help their children succeed professionally. From rushing to confront difficult customers to meddling in hiring processes, we explore the good, the bad, and the downright outrageous.

  • Warren and Feathers discuss birthdays and exchange banter.
  • Express gratitude for a new podcast review and encourage listeners to leave more reviews.


Helicopter Parents in the Workplace:

  • Warren shares an article from the Wall Street Journal about helicopter parents in the workplace.
  • Recounts personal experiences dealing with helicopter parents at a water park job.
  • Mentions cases of parents intervening in their children’s professional lives and job applications.
  • Talks about parents showing up for interviews and conflicts at the workplace.
  • Shares amusing and frustrating stories related to parental intervention at work.

Walmart loses again at HR – Junteenth Fail:

  • Warren shares two recent employer stories from employment lawyers.
  • Describes a Juneteenth celebration at Walmart with appropriate decorations but an inappropriate inclusion of a steel bucket of bananas.
  • Expresses shock and disbelief at the stereotype reinforcement.

Priest collects Confessions at work

  • Taqueria Garibaldi brought in a fake priest to take work-related confessions from employees at work 

HR Fish Story

  • Warren & Feathers have a fraternity brother who is involved in a fishing controversy that has made national headlines. 
  • We relate the lack of clarity of this fishing tournament to lack of clarity in HR policies
  • Remember your employees are like sharks trying to mutilate your prize fish

 Don’t miss out on this exciting episode filled with thought-provoking discussions, awesome stories, and a healthy dose of humor!

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