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In so many episodes we’ve been shitting on Gen Z. And unfortunately we’re going to keep on keeping on today. If you want us to stop, please stop giving us so many great stories to use against you!!!

According to a survey by ResumeBuilder. nearly half of companies are creating etiquette training in their new employees and this training is targeting the Generation Z employees. Add to that their survey also shows another 18% plan on adding it in the next year.

This training focuses on things like:

  • How to take constructive criticism 
  • How to give feedback and how to accept it
  • Communications
  • Appropriate workplace attire.

I sound like a boomer when I say this is just a sign of three things:

  • Our horrible public education  – not necessarily the teachers but the policy makers
  • Poor parenting
  • Reality TV

Education and parenting are practically the same issue – no accountability. The school system in a city neighboring me adopted a policy that students couldn’t receive less than a 50% on an assignment, even if it wasn’t turned in. This blows my eff’n mind. How the hell is this preparing kids for the real world. Not only that, but the fact that so many kids have zero respect for their teachers and adults in general. And the ones that do are not learning as much as they could be because of the laggards.

Parenting is very similar. Parents – And this is on us Gen X – parents don’t accept that their precious little angel is to blame for anything negative. They make up excuses, blame others. and coddle their little cherub, completely shielding them from the real world. A world that is not fair, a world where they will be rejected, a world where they will be held accountable, a world where they are not going to be lied to and told they are the best at everything. 

I have a friend whose wife is a teacher’s aid for kindergarten and 1st grade. First, she is split between 2 classes because of the employment shortage. But secondly, she told me the number of kids that get to either kindergarten or 1st grade that don’t know their ABCs, numbers or colors is astounding. And this is in primarily a middle class community. She went on to tell me that parents have actually told her that it is their, the teachers’) job to teach their kids these things. I really did not want to believe her, but unfortunately I do believe it. 

Parent’s aren’t getting involved in their kids lives and teaching them the basics, including accountability and respect. 

I was not a perfect child, I’d even say I was a difficult child for my parents. I also wouldn’t say my parents were perfect. They were actually far from it. But, when I would get in trouble at school my parents wouldn’t make excuses for me or even try to pretend I wasn’t the problem (everybody knew I was the problem) the starting point was always that I was wrong and the teacher was right. When I got out of line there were consequences, often times severe and physical consequences. But the most punishment would come if I ever disrespected someone else. 

As a bratty elementary school kid I was going to have a birthday party. This was before the days when if you gave out invitations in the class you had to give them to everybody in the class. I was handing out invitations and one kid I did not like at all, I told him you aren’t invited. 

My parents found out and I had the party with my friends cancelled and had to take back all the invitations. 

I also blame Reality TV for the behavioral issues in kids today. The more outrageous and ridiculous you act the more famous you are. I mean how the hell do I even know the names of one “real housewife” much less several when I have never watched any of the shows… These characters have zero consequences for their ridiculous actions this imprints on these kids and they follow suit. 

In a perfect world I’d never consider etiquette training for employees. If you cant come in the door as an adult acting like a normal human being you’ll be right back out the door. But in these times of labor shortages as an employer you sometimes have to make concessions. In my opinion etiquette training is a touch too far, but I can see in unskilled positions it may be your only hope. 

Then continuing to pile it on Gen Z we talk about a Gen Zer who is getting attention on TikToc for complaining she can’t get hired because she has the disability of “Time Blindness” which apparently causes her to always be late to work. She feels discriminated against because of her disability. I’m sorry there are real disabilities in the world, you can’t go around making up your own disabilities. You my friend are unemployable. 



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