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If you like Warren’s rants then you’ll love this episode. Warren rants about the prevalence of “Tourons” in the “real” media & social media. Guess what, Warren wants to fire them all…

The advent of social media has not only changed how we communicate, but it has also reshaped our behaviors and actions. While it can be a source of fun and laughter, sometimes things can take a wrong turn, especially when the pursuit of viral fame leads to reckless behaviors in sensitive environments like our national parks.

In our latest podcast episode, we explore a series of viral missteps that have grabbed global attention, all of them showing a shocking disregard for the majesty of nature or disrespect of historic sites by idiots of the worst kind. One of the most egregious instances was the audacity of a British man who defaced the ancient Roman Coliseum, an act that highlighted the far-reaching impacts of these mind-boggling actions.

However, it’s not just historical monuments that bear the brunt of such social media idiocy. Our beloved national parks have also fallen victim to such reckless behavior. We discuss the Oregon man who fell into a sulfuric acid hot spring, the woman trying to take a risky selfie with a buffalo, and the man hitting golf balls off the edge of the Grand Canyon, among others.

These tales not only make your jaw drop, but they also underscore the need for respect and common sense while enjoying nature’s best. The consequences of such actions are far-reaching and often lead to irreversible damage to the ecosystem and wildlife.

In addition to the damage to the environment, these social media blunders also have significant repercussions for the employees caught in the viral videos. Many times, these employees are subject to disciplinary actions, including termination. In our episode, we delve into this aspect, discussing the implications for employees who find themselves starring in viral videos for all the wrong reasons.

As we discuss these unfortunate incidents, it’s essential to remember social media platforms can serve as valuable tools for promoting the beauty and significance of these parks, as long as they are used responsibly.

This episode serves as a reminder that while social media can be a source of entertainment and education, it can also lead to unintended consequences if not used mindfully. So next time you’re out in a national park or any other natural setting, remember to respect the environment and its inhabitants. After all, nature is not a playground but a precious resource that deserves our utmost care and respect.

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