Patrick’s Bio (host emeritus)

Patrick has survived in the Human Resources field for the past 12 years by using a combination of coffee, sarcasm and a will to avoid directly working with people at all costs.  After several years in recruiting he switched things up and found himself working as a generalist, handling all manners of evil. Finally, his strengths led him down the righteous path of Information Systems, putting his hard earned degree to use and savoring the sweet bliss of ignorance.  HRIS has given Patrick the ability to still work in HR and enjoy all the fun and games that comes with it while being able to maintain a small semblance of sanity. He loves building reports and putting out fires and when asked what industry he works in, despite the rage, will always happily say “HR”. 

About Jaded HR

Jaded HR is comedy podcast about the trials and tribulations of life in a human resources department….or just a way for HR Professionals to finally say OUT LOUD all the things they think throughout their working day.

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