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If you’re looking to navigate the corporate world with more confidence and understanding, our latest podcast episode with Aileen Merciel and Glenda Pacanins from the ‘Surfing Corporate’ podcast provides the insider knowledge you need. Aileen, Glenda, Warren & Feathers offer their unique perspectives and personal experiences on climbing the corporate ladder, providing a roadmap for those eager to understand the often unwritten rules of the corporate world with our typical humor, cynicism and a bit of snark.

The episode dives deep into the concepts of “Political Equity” (personal equity) and credibility, both vital elements of a successful corporate journey. Personal/Political equity refers to the little deposits and withdrawals you make on your personal brand. Not only the what you do, but how you do it as well as the timing of when you do it, all shape your professional persona. Credibility, on the other hand, is the external perception of your reliability and competence by others in the workplace. Building both personal equity and credibility can significantly shape your corporate journey, and the insights shared in this episode provide practical strategies to help you do just that.

Another important aspect discussed is the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Emotional intelligence in this capacity is about being able to see the big picture, your role in it, and honestly and accurately assess yourself, your abilities and your limitations. It plays a crucial role in building credibility, especially when it comes to showcasing your accomplishments and owning up to your mistakes. In the corporate world, the ability to understand your audience and knowing when to push and when to step back can significantly enhance your career growth.

Trust is another critical factor that impacts your career choices and sense of belonging in an organization. Trust within the workplace not only fosters a more collaborative and productive environment, but also influences employees’ career choices. Statistics reveal a startling correlation between trust and employees’ sense of belonging at work. Cultivating trust within the workplace can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention, underlining its importance in any corporate setting.

Finally, the podcast episode explores the potential of generational learning in the workplace. While we spend a little time in this episode shitting on Generation Z for some of their stereotypical workplace traits of lacking the political deftness, doing the bare minimum and wanting to be liked vs respected. With multiple generations co-existing in the workplace, there’s a myriad of opportunities for cross-generational learning. Embracing generational differences rather than viewing them as obstacles can lead to a more inclusive and innovative workplace. But we also give Generation Z credit for redefining work from home and bringing awareness to mental health in the workplace.

The insights shared by our guests Aileen Merciel and Glenda Pacanins provide a rich understanding of how to surf the corporate world. They inspire us to navigate these waters more effectively, reshaping our understanding of the corporate journey. So, tune in to this incredible episode, and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to catch the big wave in the corporate world.

Also, be sure to listen to the Surfing Corporate podcast by Aileen & Glenda it is a must listen to podcast with the highest audio and production quality of any other independent podcast.

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