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So in my only other blog post thus far I said I was going to blog twice a month. That was January and here we are in June and this is only the second post. So I’m not doing to well with that. I can give a million excuses, but I will say I have maybe a dozen half-written posts that just I was fired up about at the time, but got side tracked before I could complete the post.

BUT… on to my main story.

You may remember an episode where I used Chat GPT as my “guest.” Season 3 Episode 26 – Warren Flies Solo With a Very Special Mystery Guest or Two.

Honestly it wasn’t the best episode, but for me it was a proof of concept that it indeed could be done. Given the fact I used Chat GPT which is free and Descript – which I already pay for but use for editing and producing – so no additional cost there; it really wasn’t too bad. I can only imagine if I had better resources it would have been better. Some things that stood out is the way the AI continually pronounced resume’ as resume and a few other instances of pronunciation.

I was impressed by the tone overall it sounded casual and professional, but probably too professional not enough voice inflection and feeling like you’re talking to a friend or even a real person.

Well yesterday’s episode (Season 4 Episode 10 – Should Be Common Sense – How to Stay Hired ) I started using a new product for podcasts called CoHost AI. No, It’s not going to replace Feathers any time soon, LOL. But Cohost AI is a product offered by our hosting provider, Buzzsprout, which automates a some of my least favorite things about making a podcast such as creating transcripts, show notes and something I’ve never done before; creating chapter markers.

My initial thoughts are the transcription tools are great, I never posted transcripts before because the quality of ones I had we’re not the greatest quality. So I am excited about those.

The AI generated show notes they were good, but not great. Just for shits & giggles. I took the Cohost AI transcripts and put them in Chat GPT and likes the show notes provided by Chat GPT many many times better. They followed the flow of the show much better. I thought the Cohost AI had all the content in it bus smashed it all together and didn’t follow the flow of the show correctly.

Overall I think this AI tool is a giant leap forward for Jaded HR and will only get better. We’re able to make this progress because of listeners like Hallie, our original Jaded HR Rock Star who support the show financially. I have additional ideas to improve the show so if you enjoy the show, please consider supporting the show with either a one time donation or a reoccurring monthly subscription.

Other things I plan on purchasing for the show:

  • AI audio editing program
  • Sound board, so we can record in person vs remotely
  • With enough support – hire a social media coordinator to get out info out to the masses.

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